Performance Plastics Adds A New Kit To The EnduroSharp® Product Line

Performance Plastics adds the Nutplate Abrasion Tool “NAT” kit to the EnduroSharp® Product line.  The rugged NAT case comes with a high-density custom foam insert for easy inventory and protection. Nutplate Abrasion Tool, “NAT” kit consist of 1 aluminum upper handle (top), 1 aluminum lower handle (base) and 4 nutplate base inserts (CR3, CR4, CR5, […]

Performance Plastics Adds A New Kit To The EnduroSharp® Portfolio

Performance Plastics adds the C-130 Prop Hub Adhesive Removal Kit to the EnduroSharp® Product line.  The EnduroSharp® C-130 Prop Hub Adhesive Removal Kit is used to safely remove adhesive from the propeller system.  The Kit comes complete with a case of custom foam inserts that contain: 2  pneumatic tools, 1 Class I, Division 2 flash […]

Performance Plastics’ Secrets to Seamless Mold Transfers

Having a mold made is a big investment for an OEM or brand owner of any size—a large enough outlay that it needs to be reliable the first time, every time. And once the tool is built and passes all tests, it’s up to the molder to ensure reliable parts are made on every cycle. […]

EnduroSharp® Order Form is Now Available Online!

EnduroSharp® Online Order Form, is now available to our customers.  The new EnduroSharp® form is an interactive online form that gives our customers the ability to place an order or even request for a quote at their convenience.  The form has all of our EnduroSharp® products and prices listed, just select the quantity amount on the box and you […]

Performance Plastics Continues to Invest in Pushing the Limits of Tolerance Control

Performance Plastics continues to add more capabilities that allow them to push the limits of tolerance control. A 165 Ton Sodick GL150A with Ultra-Precision Repeatability, was just installed at Performance Plastics facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. The 165 Ton Sodick GL150A, achieves high speeds and pressures up to 500mm/sec and 49,700 psi. High response injection is […]

Performance Plastics LTD Adds New Service to its offering

Industrial CT Scanning can help during multiple manufacturing stages CINCINNATI, Ohio, April 30, 2019 ― Performance Plastics is pleased to announce a new service that helps round out its offering: industrial computed tomography (CT) scanning. Industrial CT scanning gives customers access to the inner workings of a part without having to destroy the original. The […]

Durable, Safe Tools for Cleaning Composites | Solvay’s Torlon® PAI

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