Performance Plastics, LTD. Adds to Its Line of EnduroSharp® Accessory Tools

Products will be on display at the MRO Americas Aviation Week Show next month Performance Plastics is pleased to announce two additions to its EnduroSharp® line of accessory tools: the EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamer (TAR) and Adhesive Cutter (TAC). EnduroSharp® TAR tools are non-metallic, multi-fluted, straight-walled reamers. They are used to remove non-metallic debris such […]

Flexibility and Strength: Performance Plastics Ltd. and Nylon Offer You Both

Nylon might not always be the first material that comes to mind when you think about making products for compressors and pumps, or military and defense applications … unless you’re working with Performance Plastics Ltd. The world’s first commercially successful version of nylon was created in 1935. Over the decades, it proved to be a […]

PEEK Injection Molded Plastic is Taking the Place of Metal

Performance Plastics provides a solution to avoid metal when designing your new part. Perfecting injection molding processes since 1980, PPL has an extensive knowledge of how to create plastic parts equivalent to metal. A high-performance plastic, such as Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), is ideal for parts that demand the high strength of metal, while also being lightweight […]

When Other ULTEM® Injection Molders Lose Their Cool, Performance Plastics Stays Strong

Need to create translucent injection-molded parts that won’t warp or lose dimensional stability when the heat is on? Then look no further than Performance Plastics, which has a wealth of polyetherimide (PEI, brand name ULTEM®) resin options available. With nearly 100 grades of resin suitable for injection molding, ULTEM is used in an astonishing array […]

What You Don’t Know About FEP/PFA Injection Molding Is Costing You Money

A fluoropolymer is one of the growing number of fluorocarbon-based polymers. They are widely used in healthcare applications due to their biocompatibility, lubricity, sterilizability, chemical inertness, thermal stability, barrier properties and high purity. However, when compared with other resins, they are significantly more expensive and require special techniques to injection mold due to their shear […]

The Secret Hiding in Aircraft Mechanics’ Toolboxes

By Rich Reed, Vice President of Sales & Marketing Look in any aircraft mechanic’s big red rolling toolbox and you might see a few items that aren’t offered in any toolmaker’s catalog or tool vendor’s truck. Somewhere in there, you’ll probably find a sharpened putty knife, scribe, or utility blade that the mechanic uses to remove […]