Come See Our New EnduroSharp(R) Products at MRO Americas 2021

Come See Our New EnduroSharp(R) ABNIR “Fly Away” Compact Surface Prep Kit at MRO Americas Performance Plastics – Booth 606 MRO Americas – Orlando FL – April 27th thru April 29th EnduroSharp(R) has changed the way aerospace maintenance professionals remove sealants and adhesives from substrates and fasteners. EnduroSharp® tools are made from Torlon®, a high […]

Tight Tolerances & Material Selection

Plastic injection molding continues to become more and more sophisticated with part tolerances becoming tighter and tighter. Initially, tight tolerance was defined as +/-.002 inches and a very tight tolerance is +/-.001 inches. But today there are many factors that impact tight tolerance including part complexity and size, resin selection, tooling, and process conditions. So, […]

Introducing the EnduroSharp® Nutplate Abrasion Tool (NAT)

For decades, maintenance personnel have searched for a non-metallic scraper tools or sealant remover tools that could hold an effective edge, but not damage aircraft structures, like composite and aluminum. That’s why Performance Plastics created the patented EnduroSharp® line of Torlon® Maintenance Tools. Suitable for aircraft, automotive, marine and windmill structures, these nonmetallic scraper tools hold a […]

Ultem – A Powerhouse Polymer

  When trying to choose the correct polymer for your injection molded application, understanding the materials can help you make your decision.  For parts that require superior strength and durability, Ultem® is often a great choice. Ultem® is a semi-transparent high strength plastic material that can operate in high service temperature environments.  It is the […]

Injection Molded PFA & PPSU in the Lithium Ion Battery

  The Lithium Ion Battery industry has begun using more and more plastic parts in their manufacturing processes. Most batteries intended for light vehicle usage now have 50% more plastic materials than they did even 10 years ago.  Some batteries have entirely plastic formulations ranging from the electrolyte (polymeric electrolytes) to the casing.  This is […]

Insert Molding vs Overmolding

Insert Molding vs Overmolding Insert Molding and Overmolding are very similar processes, but there are distinct differences between the two techniques.  Insert molding is a slightly faster one step process because two plastic materials are molded at the same time, while overmolding is a two-step process where two separately molded parts are combined to enhance […]

How to Pick the Best Molding Partner for your Application

  At Performance Plastics, we understand that working with a qualified molding company is crucial to your company’s success.  It is vital to find a team to support your company’s mission and commitment to delivering quality products on time.  We have found over time, that there are three essential components that should weigh in your […]

PPL Receives It’s ISO 9001-2015 Renewal

Performance Plastics LLC is pleased to announce the renewal of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, valid from March 2021 through March 2024. The ISO 9001:2015 Standard for Quality Management System is applicable to all our processes including development, sales, production, service and after sales. At Performance Plastics, our Quality Policy revolves around ensuring that requirements are […]

Advantages of Industrial CT Scanning in the Design Process

As you’re designing and manufacturing your next application, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could analyze all the parts, compare them to the original drawings and get results quickly, without damaging your samples? At Performance Plastics, we offer the services of industrial computed tomography (CT) scan. This provides us the ability to measure all aspects of […]

Designing and Molding Complex Plastic Parts

Every project has its own needs and goals.  Complex geometries involving fine details or sharp corners often cannot be achieved by traditional plastic molding. Advanced plastic injection molding processes allow designers to combine numerous complex features into a single component, reducing the need for secondary machining or surface finishing operations. Plastic Injection molding allows design […]