What drives the cost of making an injection mold?

Before starting to manufacture a product, it’s important to decide on a mold for the injection molding process. This will directly influence the quality of your parts, and thus your final product. However, injection molds can quickly become rather expensive, with more complex, multi-cavity molds running as high as $70,000 or more. This drives up […]

Performance Plastics Supplies Essential Products for Covid-19

Performance Plastics is working hard to make products to fight against COVID-19. Production efforts from our stakeholders is vital to help our customers supply essential products to hospitals. The products supplied to the hospitals are critical medical devices such as oxygen concentrators, inhalation devices and IV system components. The medical device field is something we […]

Performance Plastics Supports the Medical Industry During COVID-19

Performance Plastics injection molds custom products that support the medical industry. The parts we produce are critical to the medical field, especially now with COVID-19. Our dedicated team has been vital to our production, making sure our facility is safe, while also meeting our customer needs. At Performance Plastics, we have extensive experience injection molding […]

Performance Plastics Adds 5 Additional Sizes To Endurosharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamer (TAR) Product Line

EnduroSharp® Torlon® Adhesive Reamer (TAR) tools are non-metallic, multi-fluted, straight-walled reamers. TAR tools are used to remove non-metallic debris such as cured sealants and adhesives from fastener and bushing holes in metallic or composite structures without damaging the structures. The first four TAR sizes were in high demand with a need to add additional outside […]

Performance Plastics Offers You The Best of Both Worlds

Performance Plastics specializes in precision injection molding of high-performance plastics. Our precise production process gives us the ability to injection mold difficult polymers, producing high quality thermoplastic products. High performance plastic materials, such as PAI (Polyamidimide) Torlon®, have ideal properties when it comes to strength and durability. Recognized as being one of the highest performing […]

Sometimes You Need to Transfer Your Mold to Get the Most Out of It. Performance Plastics, LTD. can Help.

Having a mold made is a large investment for any size company. Running between $30,000 to $70,000, molds are an investment that need to be reliable the first time, all the time. But it seems more and more, Performance Plastics is seeing customers looking to transfer their molds because those molds can’t achieve company goals. […]

Performance Plastics LTD. Uses Automation and Robotics to Assure Tight Tolerances and Cost Effectiveness

Image you’ve just placed an order for two million injection molded parts to be manufactured over the course of a year and each part needs to be exactly the same. Or, that you have a part with a tolerance of under 0.001”.  How confident are you that the manufacturer you’ve placed the order with can hit your specifications?   At Performance […]

Performance Plastics LTD: Advantages of High Performance Polymer Bearings and Bushings

Plastic is a fantastic material that is used in practically everything from playground equipment to lawn mowers to vehicles. But what about as a bearing or bushing? Many engineers resist using plastic bearings, thinking they won’t stand up to harsh environments, extreme temps, heavy loads or high speeds. Some engineers believe in metallic bearings and […]

Don’t Machine When You Can Injection Mold with Performance Plastics Ltd.

Performance Plastics specializes in precision injection molding of difficult parts, eliminating the need to machine. Our precise production process gives us the ability to injection mold difficult parts made from high performance plastic materials. If it can be molded, we can do it. High performance plastic materials have ideal properties when it comes to durability. […]

It’s Not Tight Tolerance Unless You Can Measure It!

As you’re designing and manufacturing your next application, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could analyze all the parts, compare them to the original drawings and get results quickly, without damage? At Performance Plastics, we have the ability to do this through industrial computed tomography (CT) scan. Giving us the ability to measure all aspects […]