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Cost Competitive, Injection Molded Fluoropolymers.

Most engineers are familiar with the inherent advantages of designing components made of fluoropolymers. 

Wide functional temperature range (cryogenic up to 260˚C/500˚F for PFA);Excellent resistance to chemical attack; Outstanding lubricity; High mechanical toughness; Superior barrier properties; Low extractables and leachables for high purity applications; Inert to enzymic and microbiological attack; Able to undergo repeat sterilizations; High dielectric strength; and, Transparent in UV visible and IR ranges.

Below are Market application information sheets that can be downloaded by clicking on the icon.

Many designers believe that the cost of fluoropolymers are prohibitive for their projects. While it is true that resin prices are not inexpensive at $20/lb. to $35/lb., the real cost driver is usually poor material yield. With traditional injection molding technology, material yield can be as low as 20% for small parts – with the balance of the material being lost to the runner system and rejects. The good news is that the cost of using these unique resins is coming down due to advances in mold technology and manufacturing techniques. We have perfected the injection molding process to virtually eliminate systematic material loss by adapting our direct gate technology to a variety of fluoropolymer resins (often referred to generically as TEFLON®), including PFA, FEP, ETFE, EFEP, PVDF and PCTFE. We have demonstrated effective hot runner equipment operations with one, two, four and eight cavity molds achieving exceptional machine time efficiency in addition to material efficiency exceeding 97%.

PPL has been able to achieve these efficiency improvements while retaining its ability to mold precise geometries. Wall thicknesses as thin as 0.30 mm and features as small as 0.20 mm are common. Finished quality is assured for medical applications by employing an automated vision system for 100% inspection. Email or give us a call today to start on getting your material and cost problems solved.